The only iPad cases on the market truly created with harsh environments in mind

Andres industries specializes in military and harsh environments resistant devices, our iPad cases are German engineered and manufactured according to the highest quality standards.

Our cases are considered high end and are more expensive than lower end offers on the market but you’ll get your money’s worth.

 iPad mini and iPad 1,2,3,4,Air 1,2 Hard cases

iPad mini and iPad 1, 2, 3, 4, Air 1, 2 Hard cases – Water and chemical proof and impact resistant

Here are some real life application examples:

Military and law enforcement



The Andres cases are (MIL810FUS Military Standard for material performance and durability for shock, drop, wind, rain, vibration, sand and dust resistance.

US Air Force has awarded a contract to purchase up to 18,000 iPad slated for use in the military arm’s cargo aircraft last year. One of the goal is to get rid of the paper flight bags for digital alternatives making the switch to EFBs.



A hospital is not a place where people like to stay, especially over a long period. For this reason, it is important to make their stay comfortable and pleasant, and more importantly, to do everything possible to shorten their stay. For this purpose, patients need a skillful and friendly hospital staff. As far as friendliness is concerned, technical devices unfortunately can’t improve anything, but when it comes to competences and skills, we come into play. Our highly efficient and rugged Tablets can help improve efficiency in almost all areas of a hospital.

All models are built using poly-amide housing resistant to spray disinfection and in line with EN60610. All case are Incidur resistant (used in hospitals).

Boating and water sports

Andres and quick snapper 1 from hoppy on cruiserforum


The iPad with its GPS and high resolution display is an very interesting tool for navigation plus there are many apps related to boating available on the apps store (link to recommended apps). It has been adopted by many day sailors and professional as a navigation aid, as a communication tool and to keep all datasheets and other precious documents on board.

Our cases will protect your iPad against water and impacts, The cases also float if dropped in the water even while the iPad is inside that could save you from a very unpleasant situation.

The iPad are also a very good tool for trainers and coaches providing quick access to stats and valuable information. 

Bring your iPad to the beach, in your pool, in your spa or in your bathtub, to watch your favorite movies or television show, surf the web or share your latest updates on social networks.




While traditional flight bags contain heavy manuals, maps and charts, EFBs offer a tablet-based package that results in fuel cost savings and improved efficiency. The Federal Aviation Administration first approved Apple’s iPad for the task in July, 2011, and numerous commercial airlines have tested and implemented the solution in the intervening months.

Carriers like Delta and American Airlines are currently in the process of Switching to EFBs.


Craft and construction


Craftsmen, engineers, project managers and construction workers need rugged and reliable tools, that can be brought on site to perform data acquisition and have access to valuable information. Our rugged industrial cases for iPads are both watertight and dust proof. Hence, they can be used even in dirty working locations as well as under foul weather conditions. Because of their resistance against drops and impacts they are ideal devices of construction sites or workshops.

Aqua culture

aquaculture app aquaculture

For statistical surveys, inventory tracking, etc, the portability of the iPad make it a very valuable tool to the scientific or manager. The Cases will allow full use of the iPad while protecting it from an accidental drop in the water or rain falling from the sky.

Chemical, Oil, Gaz and Mining industries



Those industries are know to be very unfriendly to any electronic devices not design specifically for harsh environment. Dust, chemical, vibrations and impact can destroy valuable instruments. Specialty devices are expensive and usually very limited in their usage. Our case and accessories will allow you to use lower cost more flexible devices such as the iPads for surveys, inspection data collection or process management.

 Food processing and pharmaceutical industries

food-processing-automationFood processing and pharmaceutical industries production automation, requires easy to clean equipment. iPads are less expensive than industrial water and chemical resistant screens plus they offer great portability and can easily be carried around the production floor. Quality inspection, maintenance tracking, performance monitoring, inventory management as just a few examples.    

“The waterproof iPad cases are working quite well in our food manufacturing facilities. They were about the only solution we found with a waterproof charging cable, standard mounting, and available for multiple generations of the iPad.”
Karl Piller, Amy’s Kitchen

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